Unlocking Your Solopreneur Superpowers.

Feeling Isolated?

You are not alone. People who start their own businesses don't always have the support structure they need to succeed.


Solopreneurs, and single member LLCs often outsource marketing, accounting or other specific skills, so why not do the same with your support and accountability structure?

  1. Get to the other side of your doubt.

  2. Unpack and prioritize your ideas.

  3. Commit to your personal growth and vision.



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42% of New Business Startups Fail Due to Lack of Demand for Their Product or Service.

Firing on All Cylinders.

Starting a new business adventure can be exciting at first, but daunting as feedback comes in, and you know something needs to change.


  • "I'm putting the hours in but am unhappy with results."

  • "I thought I liked my first impulse but I don't want to continue with it."

  • "Everyone in my circle is telling me to just a get a job."

You want to thrive but can't get to the other side of your doubts and frustrations. All of your reflections don't speak to the effort and care you're putting into your business.


Campfire in Forest

Q: How Do I Continue to Grow?

A: Trusted Relationships & True Reflections.

It's Simply the Science.

The Harvard Center on the Developing Child finds that soft skills like resilience, reflection, task completion, and emotional intelligence do not refine themselves automatically with age, but are formed by committed positive relationships that help us identify more with our successes than with our failures.


We can develop our adult capabilities by developing trusted relationships that offer us true reflections of our natural gifts and current obstacles.

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Resilience: Identifying More With Your Success Than With Your Failure.

Perfectly Prioritized.

Accountability coaching is not the same as a business strategy consultant. The difference is you are in the drivers seat {aren't you an entrepreneur to realize YOUR vision anyway?}.

  • At some level YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR ANSWERS, you just need that same answer mirrored back to you.

  • As we set priorities we also input your ideas into our meeting notes, informing your potential pivots.                           

  • We meet weekly at a time that's convenient to you but ahead of the throws of the week.                                       

  • We'll set weekly reminders via phone or email to keep you accounted for and on track.

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You Have All Your Answers Within.

Coaching Heritage.

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From Sports to business, our Mike-Mayer family has a legacy of coaching excellence, and dauntless innovation.

Owner Peter Mike-Mayer (top left)

Grandpa Istvan (top right)

Uncles Nick and Steve who excelled with their soccer skills as NFL kickers (bottom)

Good Coaching:

  1. A balance between worthy challenges and nurturing support.              

  2. Identifying obstacles early and helping prepare for them.        

  3. Unpacking and deconstructing complex tasks into smaller tasks.

  4. Individuating each person's strengths and maximizing their unique contribution. 

Stone Road

You'll Go Much Farther by Strengthening Your Strengths.

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*30 Day Guarantee. 

The numbers:

  • $288 month

  • Once a week zoom or phone calls

  • Weekly text or email check-ins

  • *100% refund if you don't love the service

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