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“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life.” - Bertrand Russell






Most special needs and autistic people lose their committed one-on-one educator relationships after they reach 21 years old.


Unfortunately, their brains begin to prune away all the soft & hard skills they've learned.

Its nobody's fault. That's how brains work. Use it or lose it!


Fortunately, new pathways can be made or restored with relative ease, up until 30 years old.


The executive function system of the brain helps us understand new topics, focus on a task, and cope when things go wrong.


Many people who are atypical learners do not have strong executive functioning skills.

This can be a result of a developmental disability, poverty, or trauma {or any combo therin}.

We strengthen executive function through metrics called "MR STAR PPPuFF..."

(Memory, Reflection, Self-control, Awareness, Resilience, Planning, Processing Speed, Positive Experience, Focus & Flexibility).


These components form the basis of our individualized coaching packages, specifically designed for atypical learners.

While some skills like Task Completion, and Planning have direct practices; skills like Resilience are more holistic, and are needed for any and all achievement.

Resilient individuals have a practiced capacity to more strongly identify with their positive outcomes; keeping them emotionally buoyant through adversity.


Resilience is directly correlated to having a committed educator/ mentor relationship, and a nurturing environment.




Metrics for Executive Function


Building systems to stay current in relationships and responsibilities.

Task Completion

Mastering a task helps build a mentee's confidence and independence.


Mentee's build strategies and tactics that work toward their outcomes.


Repetition and practice of multi-step tasks helps build focus and ease.


Journal exercises & conversations about archetype, uncover personal outcomes and values.


Like all people, mentee's have blind spots;  bringing a fuller sense of self, and situation boosters engagement, and sensitivity.

Processing Speed

Mnemonic devices, and hand fasts, or other stims can help speed up processing times during sensory overload.


Mentees learn to return to the present task, after an interruption, or unexpected change of plan.


Redirecting the mentee to their prioritized outcomes helps reinforce healthy inhibition.


Mentees who meet adversity with emotional scaffolding can minimize time lost in an upset and become less susceptible to future triggers.

Positive Experience

Mentees deserve experiences that demonstrate to them their gifts, character, and wholeness.

No two Session packages are the same.





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Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by Deep Blue Leadership: Coaching and Consulting.


I've spent the last seven years developing a unique process of coaching people with autism and special needs. Yet, my vocation is working with aspergers, and autistic men.

My curriculum of advocacy, emotional scaffolding, and skills training, lay the groundwork for new opportunity, and greater sense of self. 

My study of key strategies for these atypical learners, is married to spiritual values [below] that support executive function; the biological foundation for learning readiness.

Please reach me at to schedule your free consultation today!


Peter Mike-Mayer





The Mission:

of Deep Blue Leadership is to develop equity by accompanying men with aspergers, and autism, to new opportunity.


Radical Acceptance

We find purpose through knowing our unique contribution & gifts, rather than trying to change the hand we were dealt.


We all deserve a seat at the table, and the opportunity to live our dreams through support of our individual agency.


People with autism and special needs aren't broken and we're not here to fix them. We walk alongside our clients, learning together, with the relationship as our core curriculum.

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200 Lincoln Ave, ste210 Phoenixville, PA 19460 /  Tel. 484-767-8589


The mission of Deep Blue Leadership is

to develop equity by accompanying men with aspergers, and autism, to new opportunity.

My Grandfather:

Istvan Miké played professional club soccer in Hungary and Italy for nearly two decades. After coming to the states, he coached three of his sons to become professional kickers in American Football. My hope is to bring his caliber of coaching and leadership to my clients with autism and special needs.

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